Glock Speed Loaders from RAE Industries

Posted by RAE Industries, LLC on Oct 23rd 2020

Glock Speed Loaders from RAE Industries

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Originating in Austria, Glock brand firearms have been an American standard for decades. The first to introduce a successful polymer frame to the firearm market, Glock has been an innovative leader from the start. From movies like Die Hard 2 to military and police issue service weapons, Glock is a household name that has become legendary across state lines and international borders alike. Lightweight and featuring strong quality designs, Glock has earned its reputation as a top pistol manufacturer since the 1980s.

RAE Industries is here to help you efficiently load your Glock magazines. We carry an extensive line of Glock speed loaders for whichever model you may have. From the Glock 17 to the Glock 48, RAE has your speed loader needs covered.

Glock Speed Loaders for All Models

RAE offers speed loaders for the multitude of Glock models available. Made in the USA, our durable loaders will help get your mags loaded in half the time or better. Do you own the Glock 24 0.40 mm ACP? Or maybe the Glock 43 Slim Line 9mm? Whatever the caliber or model, we have the speed loader you need! Check out the current list of Glock speed loader models available:

Glock 17  Glock 30SF
Glock 17L  Glock 34
Glock 19  Glock 35
Glock 20  Glock 36
Glock 21  Glock 42
Glock 22  Glock 43
Glock 23  Glock 43 Slim Lite
Glock 24  Glock 43x
Glock 26  Glock 48
Glock 27 

No flimsy plastic construction here! Made from a strong polymer, RAE speed loaders are durable for many models of Glock. There are about 50 different variants, so any particular one not represented in the above list can easily be made to fit your particular Glock’s magazine. RAE speed loaders are made to custom fit each specific brand and model mag.

If you are tired of wearing your thumbs out, consider picking up one of our speed loaders! By providing an assist as you feed the rounds into the magazine, Glock speed loaders from RAE can provide much needed relief.

This how-to video shows you how it is done. Simply slip the speed loader for your chosen model over the magazine and push the rounds in until you’ve filled it. In only a few minutes, you can effortlessly reload several Glock mags and be back to shooting.

You will love our Glock speed loaders. Consider them a part of your essential equipment along with holsters, grips, optics, or other accessories. They are easy to use and easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or range bag. Proudly made in the USA, our products ship within 24 hours. For a price that is under $15 for a single loader, you can also buy in bulk and save 5-15%, if you choose.

Loading your magazines is a pain! Do more of what you actually want to do – spend less time loading and more time shooting with RAE speed loaders.