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A buddy of mine created this video illustration for us. Enjoy!

(If it starts to play choppy, press the pause button, wait about a minute, then press play again.)

My wife wanted her own gun to protect our family and home. After 2 years of looking and testing guns she decided she likes the Beretta 92fs best.It did not take long after owning the 92fs to figure out that loading the magazines is VERY difficult and hurt her hands, even for me. She was discouraged and It was a real problem.I decided to make a solution for her, a simple easy to use loader so she no longer worried about loading the magazines.I searched the net and found a 3D model of a speed loader I could print on my 3D printer. I printed it and it did solve her problem. So I made her one in purple. Well, our friends loved the loader too, but the online 3D model had some problems. I decided to re-create the 3D model so the new printed loaders would fit a wider variety of pistol magazines and would have better strength. I also added the company logo and printed a bunch in a variety of colors.We sold a bunch of these loaders at a local gun show and we were excited to see how well received the product was. So... why not offer on Amazon!Order yours today.Thanks for stopping by.Share with your friends!