How To Use


Videos On How To Use Speed Loaders For Handgun's Magazines

The RAE-701 Universal Magazine for both single and double magazines.

RAE-702 For single stack only pistol magazines. 9mm, .357, .38. and a few .40

RAE-703 for .40 & .45 caliber

Coming Soon! Speed loader for Remmington 597 Mag.

Version 8 universal speed loader

9mm AR-15 magazine speed loader.

.50 Desert Eagle magazine speed loader

FN Five-seveN handgun mag loader. RAE-716

RAE-711 Sig-Sauer MPX magazine loader.

RAE-714 Uzi/Colt SMG "stick style" magazine loader.

CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm loader (RAE-706 & 708)

RAE-310 9mm bullet bracelet.