Carolina EDC Talks RAE AR-15 Speed Loaders

Posted by RAE Industries, LLC on Oct 5th 2020

Carolina EDC Talks RAE AR-15 Speed Loaders

Checking Out the RAE AR-15 and M16 Speed Loader

Are you tired of manually shoving in round after round into your 30-round PMAGs? After a couple of magazines, it can become tedious busy work. Not only that, but it can really wear on your hands and fingers. RAE Industries offers a speed loader for your AR-15 or M16 that will do 10 rounds at a time with one push.

John at Carolina EDC Reviews takes you through the loading process of the RAE AR-15 speed loader and in the blazing heat no less!

How Does the RAE AR-15 Speed Loader Work?

Using magazines from different manufacturers, John shows how easy it is to use the RAE AR-15 speed loader. He simply loads 10 cartridges into the speed loader, clips it onto the magazine, and with one push slides all 10 rounds in at once. Repeat this three times and you have a full magazine.

You will see in the video – it doesn’t matter if the mag is made from polymer or steel, the RAE speed loader for the AR-15 and M16 will work the same.

If you are loading many mags for a day on the range, you will be thankful for this simple yet efficient and ruggedly designed loader. Using the RAE AR-15 speed loader will save your fingers and hands. The most work you will do with this handy gadget is putting the .223/5.56 NATO cartridges into the slot.

Why Should I Use the RAE AR-15 Speed Loader?

Not to be repetitive, but to save your fingers of course! Sure, for many people it isn’t too bad on the thumbs loading one or two magazines. But if you want to load several magazines or more and multiple times, that can start to wear on you.

Also, for those whose hands are aging, arthritic, or suffering from joint problems, the RAE AR-15 speed loader can provide serious relief. It doesn’t take much to aggravate those conditions when loading even one full 30-round capacity magazine. For some, it can be a slow painful process from the get-go. You can alleviate these problems by using a RAE speed loader for your AR-15 or M16.

Utilizing a speed loader will also save you time. Loading the AR-15 speed loader may be a little awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you probably won’t go back to loading them manually. If you are paying for range time, you can save money by using your paid time to shoot instead of loading mags.

We are proud to design and manufacture all RAE Industry speed loaders in the USA. As always, our speed loaders are made to fit a specific magazine model’s dimension. This ensures a proper and perfect fit. Our speed loaders are durable and tough.

Check out Carolina EDC Review’s video above and our current line of speed loaders!