RAE Speed Loaders for 2020’s Best Concealed-Carry Guns for Women

Posted by RAE Industries Inc. on Dec 14th 2020

RAE Speed Loaders for 2020’s Best Concealed-Carry Guns for Women

Ranking the Best Concealed-Carry Guns for Women

With the state of the world these days, it is no surprise that more and more people are considering everyday carry a necessity. Without a doubt, the fastest growing segment of the US population looking to carry a defensive handgun are women. We think that is awesome! However, with the amount of quality defensive handguns on the market today, coming up with a shortlist of best concealed-carry guns for women can be a bit of a daunting task.

Concealed-carry for women presents different challenges than for guys. First, there’s the matter of wardrobe. Women’s clothing is typically more form-fitting, and so the potential for “printing” or accidentally brandishing the weapon is particularly high. Second, many women’s hands are smaller and so a pistol with a smaller grip is often desired.

List of Best Concealed-Carry Guns for Women

Gun Digest narrowed it down to 7 firearms that fit the bill perfectly for women’s unique concealed-carry challenges. They surveyed 32 female defensive handgun students to put together a list of top concealed-carry firearms for 2020. The seven winners in order of preference are:

1. Sig Sauer p365

2. Smith and Wesson Shield EZ

3. Glock G43x

4. Mossberg MC1-sc

5. Ruger LCP II

6. Smith and Wesson 340 PD

7. Smith and Wesson Shield

This is a great list. And we are proud to announce that RAE Industries makes speed loaders for 5 of the 7 pistol models that are great concealed-carry guns for women. The S&W 340 PD is a revolver, which we don’t make loaders for and the Smith and Wesson Shield EZ – well, it essentially has a built-in loader on its magazines. But we’ve got you covered on the remaining guns.

Whichever one of these great concealed-carry pieces you own, you are going to need a loader that you can throw in your purse and take to the range with you.

Why RAE Speed Loaders for the Best Concealed-Carry Guns for Women?

Ladies, you need an accessory that will save you time and money reloading your magazines. Not only will RAE speed loaders save you time and money for your concealed-carry guns, but they will also reduce the pain in your hands caused by constantly reloading magazines. After all, RAE speed loaders were originally designed for women. Read our story here.

Durable, reliable, and made in the USA, RAE speed loaders will decrease your loading time dramatically by giving you a mechanical advantage. The speed loader takes the resistance from the follower off your thumbs, so all you have to do is slide the rounds in.

Our speed loaders are made from a tough polymer and are designed for a perfect fit to your model’s magazine. Priced reasonably well, we believe you will love our products.

We carry a wide selection of speed loaders for not only concealed-carry pistols for women, but for just about any semi-automatic pistol on the market. If we don’t currently carry it, we will design and make it for you! RAE’s loaders also come in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple, red, black, orange, and blue.

Everyday carry requires a certain state of mind, continuous training, and practice. Tactical reloads should be one of the top things in your defensive handgun practice, not reloading your mags. Let RAE do the manual labor. Throw some of our speed loaders into your gun bag to save time and money at the range, but most importantly, save your thumbs!